7 Best Budget Gaming Headsets in 2020

list of best budget gaming headsets

In the present Gaming era, a gaming headset is an essential accessory for every gamer out there. Day by day, its popularity and demand are increasing massively. There are various types of headsets available in the market. But the best out of it will just provide you with some extra clarity, depth, range, durability, and an all-in-one feature.

However, the gaming headset market is highly saturated, so finding the product that is most suitable for you based on your requirements and budget can be quite tricky. Thus, with an experience of more than 10 years of using all types of gaming products, we have come up with this article, and at the end of this article, you will surely be able to decide the perfect one as per your choice.

The price of the top 7 best gaming headphones included in this article starts from 29$ and ends at 105$. By testing around 15-20 products, we have concluded that these 7 gaming headsets can be considered as one of the topmost products available in the market as per the price and specifications.

Each of these products is minutely tested for a minimum of 1 year by my whole team and me. Therefore I have mentioned all the different specifications, advantages and disadvantages as per our own experience. So without any further delay, let's check them out!

List of Best Cheapest Gaming Headsets

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

DLAND Gaming Headset

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Kotion headset- G2000 Edition

Jeekoo Pro Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Bengoo budget gaming headset

The Bingoo G9000 Headphone is one of the cheapest and premium quality headphones available in today's market. It comes with a 3 colour RGB LED dazzle lighting, in-line volume controller, braided cable and retractable microphone. The 40mm magnetic driver ensures a pin-point accuracy with which you can always have a drop on your enemies. 

After using it, I felt that the earpads are very soft and provide perfect comfort. They are just like the soft cushions which guarantee to provide a painless experience to your ears. The headband can be adjusted to different levels, and it is an essential feature for every gamer.

It is featured with a retractable microphone means during intense clutch situations you can quickly swipe it down to communicate with your teammate. Whenever it's not required, you can simply slide it up; thus, by maintaining this, you can increase the longevity and durability of your microphone.

It's a very lightweight headset with a dimension of 8.3 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches; hence it can easily fit in your backpack, and you need not carry it on your neck all the time.

The most amazing feature that I found in this headset is its braided cable. It is unbelievably thick and robust compared to the price. The wire is very thick, which offers incredible durability to the headset. It also promises never to get tangled wherever you take it.

It supports 3 types of jacks; Green jack for headset, Red jack for microphone and a USB jack for power supply of the dazzling LED lights. So, if you want a powerful gaming headset below 40$ then just blindly go for this one. This is one of the most excellent quality, low-budget headsets made by Redgear till now.


✔️ Only Redgear can provide a 3 colour RGB LED lighting feature at such a low price.

✔️ The braided cable and retractable microphone are impressive.

✔️ The earpads are just like soft cushions.

✔️ It can support 3 varieties of jacks for different purposes.


 It lacks a 7.1 - channel sound system.


DLAND Gaming Headset

Dland budget gaming headset

The DLAND Gaming Headset has become one of the top 5 online selling products in recent years. The built-quality, design, flexibility and stability is extremely powerful. It has got 7 astonishing varieties of colour - Blue, red, green, grey, camo black, camo green and camo grey, thus giving you a comprehensive option to choose from.

Based on its price, it's one of the best primary kinds of headsets for gaming and listening to music. The soft cushion provided in the head part offers excellent flexibility to this headset, and it will never break with massive bendings too. There is also a nice kind of padding in the ear part to provide you with superior comfort and environment while playing for hours.

The durability and exterior design are one of the most considerable things in this product. The flexible microphone can be easily repositioned as per your choice, and it also has excellent sensitivity. It will pick up your words as soon as you speak out and will provide a crystal clear voice to your teammates.

The cable length is around 2.1 metres with a total dimension of 9.2 x 8.5 x 2 inches. There is only a single 3.5mm jack for the headphones for producing the gaming sounds and the mic for communicating with your partner.

So, with my own experience, I will always recommend you to choose this one only if you are a harsh user because its flexibility feature is outstanding. It guarantees to never break down during hard impacts because of the soft paddings all around. It has also got some awestruck features which nobody can provide you at this price range.


✔️ It has got an excellent flexibility feature.

✔️ It is very comfortable to use and wear.

✔️ The microphone sensitivity is a thing to be appreciated.

✔️ The 2.1-metre cord length is long compared to other products.


 It is slightly on the heavier side.


RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Runmus gaming headset

The RUNMUS Gaming Headset is designed mainly for long gaming sessions. The 7 RGB LED light effect on ear-ups produces a gaming environment, and I feel cool with these gorgeous bright lights on my ears. It comes with 50mm magnetic drivers which is excellent for the FPS games and will surely provide you with a great advantage while defeating your adversaries.

The Runmus has a fabulous swift scrolling headband. Some headbands are too tight and do not get appropriately adjusted, but this one gets automatically stretched and fixed as soon as you put it on your head. Thus it provides an excellent comfort for the long gaming sessions.

The volume button scrolls very quickly for instant change in high and low volume during calm situations and intense clutches, respectively. The lightweight feature with a dimension of 7.48 x 7.87 x 3.54 inches and the vibration effects are one of the most remarkable features of this headset.

The 3.5mm jack with a cord length of 2.1 metres guarantees to never get tangled wherever and however, you keep it. This headset also arrives with a retractable microphone system. The noise cancellation feature and the flexible and sturdy built quality is just superb.

Don't ignore this headset because it promises to provide you with some of the top features which lots of highly-priced headsets can't.


✔️ A dazzling 7 coloured RGB LED effect.

✔️ The 50mm magnetic drivers are fantastic.

✔️ A retractable microphone system with swift scrolling headband.



 The LEDs may get ruptured during high impacts.


Kotion Headsets - G2000 Edition

Kotion gaming headset

The main focal point when I took the Kotion G2000 headset out from the crate was its size. The arms are 45mm wide, and the shield-formed ear cups are practically 100mm. Having such enormous earpieces permits the cowhide cushions to cover my ears which is a surprising feature at this price range.

The mix blue lighting, reflexive dark surfaces and chrome side subtleties make this gaming headset outwardly engaging. It's delicate cushioned calfskin ear cushions are promising. With a weight of 490 grams, a dimension of 23 x 20 x 12 cm and a foldable feature, you can take it wherever you go.

There are two shadings coded 3.5mm sound jacks, one for sound and the other for the mouthpiece. There's additionally a USB connector, this is exclusively for the dazzling lighting system and is solely optional.

With the 51mm magnetic driver, I felt that the sound is boisterous and phenomenal for gaming purposes. The volume adjustment wheel on the connection makes it smart and easy to control the sound level during gaming.

The flexibility feature is the best among all as malleable materials make it. It can be twisted to more than 180° without any issues. It is also engineered with noise cancellation features, and the premium built quality makes it one of the most lightweight products in the market.


✔️ The earpiece is a bit larger than usual and thus comfortable.

✔️ It has a great foldable feature.

✔️ A cool and lightweight headset.

✔️ It has a 51mm magnetic driver which is an unbelievable feature at this price range.


 Sometimes it may slip from your ears.


Jeecoo Pro Gaming Headset

Jeecoo Pro gaming headset

The design of the Jeecoo Pro Gaming Headset is comfortable, but it's also a really big hit. I mean, way too big. If you have used headphones before, then I can assure you that it is bigger than any headphone I saw till now. Besides that, it's also lightweight and feels comfortable while gaming.

It's got a matte finish body, and the earbuds are made of soft cushions, and the red and black colour makes it perfect. It's all made of plastic, and there is no metal used in the headset, which makes it one of the most lightweight products in the market.

You can see the lag effect right on the top. There is some texture given on the bottom of the headset for getting a better grip over it. There is a swift rolling button given for volume control, and it's really smooth. And there is also a switch provided to turn on the vibration feedback. The microphone is really flexible.

So the headphone is docking by the right quality, the overall functional features are something I like about the headset very much. It's well braided and the two meters long wire has a USB jack. So you can easily connect it to your laptop, pc, PS4 and Xbox but for mobile, you need to have an OTG adapter.

The vibration feedback is a thing to be noted and appreciated. You can feel the bass on the roughness in the games, and you can easily disable it with the switch given below. The sound quality is good for gaming, but not good for listening to music.

And I won't recommend you to use this for listening to music, although you can use it for watching movies with the 7.1-channel surround audio mode. So overall, this is pretty good gear for gamers, within a decent price range.


✔️ It's really big but quite comfortable.

✔️ The design LED makes it look gorgeous.

✔️ It has also got some extra textures for better gripping.

✔️ The vibration feedback can be easily turned on and off based on your requirements.


 It has a USB jack which can be used in smartphones only with the OTG adapter.


Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken X

I'm not really a fan of small headsets, but the Razer Kraken X was able to completely cover my ears and l didn‘t feel like they were squishing my ears inside. It was actually much more comfortable than I initially thought it would be. The ear cushions are entirely made up of leather which provides a nice soft touch.

Moving on to sound isolation, the X does make a pretty good seal around you with its powerful climbing force. Now, as for volume and sound quality, the X was pretty loud enough for me, and it should also be for most people. The quality was also actually much better than I initially thought it would be.

It provides a decent amount of bass, although it's not like thumping heavy bass. And then also the highs are being transparent and crisp. Of course, you can't expect to provide any high-grade audio or work from this. But just gaming. Listen to music and movies. You are going to get the perfect output for that.

Unfortunately, the microphone is non-detachable and unbendable, and this is the only disadvantage I found in this headset. But it actually sounds pretty good, better than I expected. Then comes the non-braided wire of 1.3 metres of length and 250 grams of weight, making it one of the lightest headsets in this highly saturated market.

Overall, this headset is actually good and is definitely worth that price tag. This has now become one of the most demandable products online. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab it!


✔️ Though it is smaller in size but it fits nicely and is very comfortable.

✔️ The ear cushions are made up of premium quality leather.

✔️ It is one of the lightest models in the market.


 The microphone is non-detachable.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II

Here comes the headset for those people who doesn’t have a tight budget and want every feature in 1 particular gadget. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset has every detailed feature, and it is the top-selling  headphones online within 100$. It has a 4.5 star rating online reviewed by 20,000 customers. 

Firstly, it has a detachable microphone included inside the box. And because it's removable, it means that you can remove it from your headset and use it as your regular headset. A very small thing that really caught my attention is the included airplane adapter, which is a really lovely addition to the whole set because it enables you to use your headset on the airplane without having to buy an extra adapter.

There is also a really nice carryback included in the box, which you can use to protect your headset while you're travelling. Like all the previous models, this one too arrives with an audio controller which enables you to increase or decrease the volume of your headset and microphone. And it also has a button to enable or disable the virtual sound when one surround sound.

The construction of the headset feels really solid. The frame of the HyperX Cloud gaming headset is made out of aluminium. So you don't have to panic if you drop the headset. The controller also has a clip on the back so you can clip it on your shirt belt or any other convenient place.

The ability to lower the microphone volume is really great because a lot of time it happens that your microphone volume is set to too high and you’re in a game, and you don't want to blow the ears of your teammates. The audio controller has a mute slider on the side, which enables you to mute the microphone when needed quickly.

The sound quality is the point where the headset actually shines. The 53-millimetre driver is great with an excellent low, good mood and a Chris pipe. Speaking about the surround sound, it is actually great when you press the seven-point one surround sound button, the audio suddenly feels more immersive.

With the extremely comfortable memory foam, you can easily use it for longer sessions without having to deal with tiredness and head fatigue. However, the HyperX Cloud gaming headset is the real beast and the best bang for your money and also for a long term investment. It's feature-packed. It sounds perfect, and it's really comfortable.


✔️ A nice carryback is provided.

✔️ It is made up of aluminium.

✔️ It has a controller clip for fixing it to your shirt or any other place.

✔️ The mute slider feature is awe-inspiring.

✔️ A superb quality 53mm driver set is provided.

✔️ Also, a 7.1-channel audio system.

✔️ The ear and head pads are incredibly soft and are made up of premium quality.



 No cons found till now.

Which Gaming Headset is Best for you?

There are ample headsets available in the market, but you should choose the one that is most suitable for you based on your budget, purpose and specifications.

So, if you are buying a set for the first time and don't want to invest much, then you should go for the Bingoo G9000 Headphone or the DLAND Gaming Headset.

If you prefer sound over longevity, then you should choose either the RUNMUS Gaming Headset or the Kotion Headsets - G2000 Edition.

If you are ready to invest some more money in the perfect product for getting both audio quality and longevity along with all other extra features then blindly go for the Jeecoo Pro Gaming Headset or the Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset.

Last, but not the least if you are very serious about your gaming career and are never ready to give up in the battlefield and also want to get to the competitive field then just go for the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset. It is undoubtedly one of the best products worldwide and even one of the top-selling products online.


So, now I am going to wrap up this article by giving you a final suggestion, that is, to always choose a product as per the needs and specifications. Do not invest much if you are just going to have it for normal usage. Each of the above 7 products has been used for more than 1 year by my teammates and me and thus, an entirely honest review has been written above.

These headsets are all specially built only for gaming purposes with better microprocessors and chips inside them for better output which eventually increase its price range. So, choose wisely and never fall for the words of those dumb sellers who will try to convince you to buy their products.

Remember, nobody can provide you with a comprehensive and honest review unless and until they have any prior experience with it. So, best of luck for your gaming career, get the best headset out from the market and be the last man standing out in the battlefield.

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