6 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse in 2020 [Buyer's Guide]

wireless gaming mouse

In the 21st century, where gamers rise, wireless peripherals have become a part of daily usage. Manufacturers have noticeably improved the quality and features of every wireless gaming gadget. It has drastically reduced the lag and latency and offers an incredible performance even for the competitive gamers.

Now, to be honest, gaming keyboards don't move, headsets don't play a significant role in the gameplay, but a mouse is actually a point of concern while gaming. Just think how many times you have dragged the wire of your mouse while aiming quickly. They may also get at the edge of your desk and eventually fall. A wireless mouse solves all these problems.

There are also a lot of factors that need to be looked into while choosing the best wireless gaming mouse for yourself. The budget, size, gripping, number of buttons, DPI (dots per inch), and a lot more. Thus, we have tested more than 50 mouse pieces and finally came up with these top 6 best & latest wireless gaming mouse available in the market. So without any further delay, let's check them out!


Best Wireless Mouse for Gamers

Logitech G602

Razer Mamba

Logitch G903 Lightspeed

Razer Lancehead

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Logitech G602

logitech g602 gaming mouse

The Logitech G602 has a high accuracy power-saving design with Delta Zero sensor technology and 16,000 DPI optical sensor. This gives you accurate and precise tracking on a variety of surfaces for maximum versatility. This mouse has a lag-free design, so you can expect smooth performance whenever you're using it. 

It uses AA batteries and gives you up to 250 hours of wireless use, which is fairly impressive on its own. There are performance and endurance modes that will help you get more battery life.

The buttons on this mouse are rated for 20 million clicks, giving you long-lasting durability. The 11 different buttons on this mouse are fully programmable, so you can customise their functions to match your needs.

This will give you a significant advantage in your favourite games. The software that is used to program the buttons is very easy to use with a simple layout. Another great thing about this mouse is its palm-shaped grip, which means you can hold this mouse for hours without any discomfort.

The sculpted buttons are located in convenient places, so you'll never have to reach very far for any of them. This is definitely one of the best gaming mouse options on the market, offering a rugged construction, sleek design and smooth overall performance.


✔️ The AA batteries provide 250 hours of wireless usage.

✔️ The Delta Zero sensor technology provides accurate and precise tracking.

✔️ There are 11 different, fully customisable buttons.



❌ It is mainly made for right-handed gamers.

❌ It may be heavy for some of the users.


Razer Mamba

razer mamba gaming mouse

The Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse has a high precision design with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor. It has the ability to make adjustments on the fly, which can be very convenient while you're gaming. It has a unique colour combination with included preset profiles. 

This mouse has an improved ergonomic design with rubberised side grips that make it easy to hold even for long periods. There's also a rubberised scroll wheel, which gives you a high degree of accuracy. It features small, tactile bumps that increase your grip and allow you a better-controlled scrolling.

There are a total of 7 programmable buttons that you'll be able to assign a variety of complex macro functions to. This provides you with a significant advantage in all of the games you love to play. The RGB lighting of this mouse gives you the ability to achieve the exact aesthetic you want. It has an excellent gripping feature. You can make adjustments to this mouse's sensitivity on the fly and without any hassle.

The battery of this mouse lasts for up to 50 hours on a single charge, so you won't have to keep recharging constantly. You can get more battery life out of it when the lighting is disabled. This mouse is not at all suitable for those people who make a harsh use of it. However, this wireless mouse gives you a high accuracy design with an impressive level of precision.


✔️ Its sensors can be easily adjusted on the fly.

✔️ It has a rubberised grip and scroll wheels.

✔️ There are 7 buttons with an easily customisable feature.

✔️ RGB lighting provides a pleasant gaming environment.



❌ It is specially made for right-handed gamers.


Logitech G903 Lightspeed

logitech g903 mouse

The Logitech G903 is one of the most trusted products by eSports professionals. A proprietary light speed wireless connection is featured with PMW3366 - 12,000 DPI optical sensor, ambidextrous, lightweight design, mechanical pivot buttons and RGB lighting, for sure. 

Five preset profiles can be stored in this mouse's onboard memory, which can retain up to five different DPI settings. Those settings can be easily swapped with two specific buttons located below the mouse wheel.

In addition, Logitech software allows you calibrate the mouse with your chosen mouse pad surface. This ensures a maximum sensor accuracy. However, the power play mat has a cool and simple design that's indistinguishable from thr conventional mousepads.

Its mid-profile design is excellent for both palm grip and claw grip users. However, users with larger hands are more comfortable with a claw grip. This mouse is specially built for both handed users. We'll definitely appreciate Logitech's customisable side buttons. Two buttons are situated on the left and a flat cover on the right (default configuration) in right-hander configuration.

The Logitech software syncs with your phone too. But for this, you need to use ARC's control. Grab this app for Android or iPhone, sync with your computer, and then adjust the mouse functions and have the most comfortable gaming experience.


✔️ It's one of the most lightweight mice available in the market.

✔️ The Logitech software can be easily used to access this mouse and configure it.

✔️ It's made for both handed gamers.

✔️ You can calibrate the mouse with the software for the maximum sensor accuracy.



 No cons found till now.

Razer Lancehead Professional Grade

razer gaming mouse

The Razer Lancehead is, without a doubt, one of the best mice that Razer has ever created since this mouse has everything that a typical gamer could want. Starting from a highly responsive sensor, a stunning design and a reliable wireless performance. So if you've been looking for something similar, then congratulations, you've found it. 

The Lancehead features an ergonomic construction that is suitable for both left and right-handed users because each side is symmetrical. So as you can see, this mouse can accommodate a wide variety of users without any problem on the top.

There are two thin buttons with a textured scroll wheel that sits in between. You'll notice the two buttons that sit on the rubbery surface, which is something that I absolutely favour, considering the fact that you can have an excellent grip for your information. The switches are incredibly responsive, and they do not require a noticeable effort at all.

Also, one of the most notable things regarding this mouse is its 5G laser sensor that will offer you a 16000 DPI rate, tracking of 210 IPS (Inches per Second), which means that you'll have an advantage over your enemies since you can shoot super quickly.

The Razer's setup software has an intuitive user interface and numerous features which provides a great advantage, including options for assigning macros, adjusting the sensitivity, lighting and a lot more.

To conclude, if you're looking for the most reliable wireless mice that look as good as it performs, then this one is just for you.


✔️ It has a highly responsive sensor and a slim-fit design.

✔️ It comes with a 5G laser sensor.

✔️ It has an excellent gripping feature.

✔️ It is made for both handed gamers as each side is perfectly symmetrical.



 The design is too simple compared to other gaming mice.


Logitech G604

logitech g604

The Logitech G604 is an upgraded version of its 602 models. The thing which I absolutely love about this is its dual connectivity feature. There's a switch on the back that lets you change it from Bluetooth to 2.4GHz, the regular wireless. It is mainly targeted for MMO or mobile players because you do have all those buttons here. But obviously, you're not just limited to those genres. 

This is mainly the culmination of the three popular Logitech mice over the years. It has an ergonomic design. The right side has grooves to fit your ring and pinky finger, and on the left side, you have that fin sticking out for your thumb to sit. It has a slight texture in the middle and on both sides, which is slightly rubberised to give you a better grip.

You can notice that there's no RGB that'll help you save some amount of battery. But with those highly customisable 15 buttons, literally, everything is possible with this mouse piece. Then you have six left side buttons right above your thumb.

It has an extremely accurate tracking feature with the Hero 16K sensor present inside it. It comes up with AA batteries which last up to 240 hours of lifespan with average gaming. Hyper Scroll is an impressive feature to have on a mouse. And you don't really notice it until you use a mouse that doesn't have this. And then lastly, we can talk about software.

I'd never really have any issues with Logitech's software. Here's where you can go and set your DPI and small stuff for the specific ranges you want on the mouse, which you can see and toggle quickly between with the plus and minus shifting buttons. So overall, this is an impressive mouse which provides immense features at such a decent price range.


✔️ There's a small switch in the back to change its mode between Bluetooth and USB.

✔️ It has 15 customisable buttons that provide great versatility to this product.

✔️ It has a Hero 16K sensor for the most accurate tracking.

✔️ It also comes with a Hyper Scrolling feature.



 Due to the gripping, you may find some issue in scrolling at certain surfaces.


Corsair Harpoon

corsair harpoon

The Corsair Harpoon mouse seems to be directly competing with the Logitech mice, specifically in the smaller wireless gaming mice category. I think there's actually quite a bit more you're getting for that money on the wireless harpoon in terms of the features. It's got a rechargeable battery—Bluetooth as well as wireless over the 2.4GHz wireless receiver and programmable grippy buttons. 

So let's start off by talking about overall design and ergonomics. The mouse is overall made up of a plastic shell on the top and the bottom. There are rubberised grips on both the left and right side of the mouse that are concave for a sturdier hold and a place to rest your fingers.

Over the top, the mouse has a gradual and aggressive curve that comes back down at the palm wrist. I think this shape is excellent for claw grips, especially with rubberised grips on the sides of the mouse.

It's a shorter mouse with an aggressive curve, so your fingers will have a sharper curve to accommodate to. Generally, I would say this is not the type of shape you want for palm resting unless you have really small hands.

The Harpoon Wireless also has a programmable LCD on its primary logo, and the DP switch is an excellent option at the expense of some extra battery cost. It claims to sustain 50 million clicks on the left and right buttons, which is pretty great compared to some other mice. The scroll wheel is on the smoother side and very light.

Overall, this mouse has an excellent finish with the average rechargeable battery life of about 60 hours, which is pretty awesome. Thus you can go for it if you have a tight budget but still want to get the best out of it.


✔️ It has a dual feature for both Bluetooth and USB connection.

✔️ It comes with an awestruck gripping feature.

✔️ The curves are really aggressive, which promise to provide an excellent gaming experience.

✔️ A rechargeable battery with an average battery life of 60 hours.



❌ You may feel a bit lag with the side buttons but those buttons are not actually used too much.

Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Buyer's Guide

Thickness & Dimension:

Wireless gaming mice are present with different varieties. From broad to thin, large to small, heavy to light, grippy to swift and so on. But you should choose a mouse-based on your usage type.

If you play games with a low sensitivity setting, then you should go for the large mice like the Logitech G602, Logitech G903.

If you love to play with high FPS settings, then you should go for the small ones like Razer Lancehead, Logitech G604 Lightspeed, Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless.


Gripping & Comfort:

The grip-style is essential while choosing a gaming mouse. It can determine the level of comfort you get while playing your most favourite games. Some different types of gripping style are claw grip, palm grip and fingertip grip.

So, I've described the gripping style for every mouse above. Select one from them based on your required style and comfort and play your most favourite games without any hesitations.


Lighting & Customisation:

Most of the gaming mice come with a customisable feature with its own software. You can easily swipe the function of a particular button and just tap one button to open an application quickly.

Most of the gaming mice are set up with RGB lighting, which produces a real gaming environment to the user.


Response Speed:

The reaction time is legitimately relative to how quick a mouse activity shows on the screen. You are advised to not settle to underneath 2 ms. For the online PvP games, a player with 8 ms will be able to react faster than a player of 2 ms response from their respective mouse.


Our suggestions above are what we believe are at present the best remote gaming mice for a great many people. We factor in the value, input from our guests, and accessibility. Be mindful so as not to get excessively made up for the lost time in the subtleties. While no mouse is ideal for every utilisation, most mice are sufficiently extraordinary to please nearly everybody, and the distinctions are frequently not recognisable unless and until you just try them once.

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