5 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards in 2020

"Gamers don't die. They Respawn!"

A gamer's dream is to always have a wireless, latency-free gaming set. The best wireless gaming keyboards no longer indicate you to settle on response time. Wireless keyboards have drastically evolved in the recent years. No longer are the days of one-hour battery lives that are actually meaningless these days.

Moreover, there's no significant differences between a wired and a wireless gaming keyboard. So why not upgrade to wireless peripherals when you really have an option for it. Thus, we have come up with the top 5 most favourite wireless gaming keyboards in this highly saturated market. So, without any further conversation, let's check them out!

Top Wireless Keyboards for Gaming

Corsair K57 RGB

corsair k57 rgb

The Corsair K57 is one of the first keyboards that utilise the newer slipstream technology providing fewer bandwidth issues and a more reliable wireless connection. It has a bright shining RGB lighting and is primarily made of plastic making it a very lightweight keyboard.

It comes with a detachable rubberised wrist rest. The six macro keys on the left are really beneficial for gaming, editing, etc. It has many other shortcut media F keys. It has 2 feet to elevate it to the backside. The connections can be made via both Bluetooth and Dongle.


The battery lasts up to 36 hours, and it has a fantastic Rainbow (RGB) lighting feature. The lighting can be changed to various patterns via the software. It is way brighter, saturated and distracting than most other keyboards at this price range. This is not specifically a mechanical keyboard.

Corsair has used rubber domes switches in this unit. Overall, this is a pretty impressive keyboard. If you are searching for the best lighting, shortcuts and a durable keyboard, then this one is just for you.


✔️ It has an impressive RGB lighting feature with various patterns too.

✔️ It has a lot of shortcut keys which can also be reassigned as per your choice.

✔️ It has a lightweight design.

✔️ It can be connected via both Bluetooth and Dongle.

✔️ It comes with a delicate non-replaceable palm rest.


❌ It uses rubber dome keys instead of modern mechanical keys.

Logitech G613 Lightspeed

logitech g613

The G613 Lightspeed is one of the most budget-friendly, high-end keyboards that you'll ever see in this congested market. It has a quick response rate, delicate features, looks practical and straightforward, a black and grey plastic body and white lettering on black keycaps.

Though there's no backlighting, however, the media buttons are discrete. It can be connected via both the Dongle and the Bluetooth. There's also an ultra-low latency feature in its performance. You also get a nice phone stand along with the board.


Here, Logitech has provided Romaji mechanical switches. These are best known for being tactile and extremely quiet. They're designed to be more responsive and long lasting, but not as comfortable as other models.

So if you're ready to sacrifice a little comfort, then it's really worth it. Overall, it also has a lightweight feature and the wireless technology provides exceptionally smooth and super fast responses.


✔️ It can be connected via both the Dongle and the Bluetooth.

✔️ It has Romaji mechanical switches.

✔️ The media buttons are discrete.

✔️ It is extremely lightweight.

✔️ It comes with a phone stand too.


❌ There's no RGB lighting.

Corsair K63

corsair k63

The Corsair K63 is one of the best budget gaming wireless keyboards and also one of the most selling gaming keyboards that Corsair has ever made. It is featured with a great design, cherry MX, mechanical switches and various other countless specifications. 

It's best for those gamers who are searching for a clean sheet designed keyboard. It comes with a square frame design with a beautiful top bezel. The plastic body feels extraordinarily rigid, and it's one of the most durable keyboards of all time.


The key caps have a floating design, and you'll also find an excellent blue backlight. It's not at all distracting and is powerful enough to provide light. There's a thin sheet of textured rubber on top of the palm rest. You get 50 hours of battery life, with the full lights and about 75 hours, if you turn them off.

Overall, this keyboard has a fantastic finish and built-quality. It is lightweight, so you get a portability feature too. The switches are extremely impressive. It is a serious contender to become your next keyboard.


✔️ It has cherry MX mechanical switches.

✔️ The plastic is super rigid.

✔️ There is soft blue lighting which is not at all distracting.

✔️ The palm rest comes with a textured rubber which is pretty impressive.

✔️ It provides 50-70 hours of battery life.



❌ It doesn't have RGB lighting (only Blue lighting).


Anne Pro 2

Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% wired/wireless keyboard that offers Bluetooth connectivity with RGB lighting. It's available with Gaterion, Box, and Cherry MX keys at an extremely affordable price. The design is similar to the original and pro model that have extremely slim bezels.

The high profile design includes hidden key switches. It is already inclined, as there are no flip-up feet underneath the keyboard. The rubber flips provide a nice grip to this keyboard and the steel plates make it highly durable. 

You have to learn all the functions to use it to the fullest. But once you get it, this compact keyboard won't leave your sight. While there's no separate Numpad in this keyboard still, the software enables you to check battery life and assign functions as per your wishes.


✔️ It has a variety of switches like Gaterion, Box, and Cherry MX.

✔️ It is very compact and portable.

✔️ There are rubber pads to provide nice grip.

✔️ You can assign functions to various switches as per your choices.



❌ There are no flip-up feet.

❌ There are no separate number pads like other pieces at this price range.

Logitech G915

logitech g915

The Logitech G915 has been the top choice for most gamers due to the latency-free performance that delivers ergonomics and tons of features. They've used the Roma G switches, which have provided an excellent experience pretty close to the Cherry MX ones. 

Logitech has not shied away from innovation, and it has definitely paid off. It delivers lightning-fast performance that is useful in gaming. The board has a flat and a medium deck made of aluminium. The premium durable build allows every gamer to have damage-free accidental drops.


The keycaps are made out of plastic having a shallow profile, and they are fabulously functional. It comes with an extra row of programmable macros, something that's standard in today's high-end gaming keyboard, and they genuinely are a must.

Overall, it feels very comfortable, despite not having a wrist rest. Thanks to its low profile deck and unusually low profile case. The most significant selling point to the Logitech G915 is its new G.L. switches.


✔️ It has the most premium version of Roma G switches.

✔️ Very durable material is used, that is, aluminium.

✔️ It has an amazingly low profile deck along with a low profile case.

✔️ It has an extra row of programmable macros.



❌ It doesn't have RGB lighting.


Wireless keyboards play a significant role to improve productivity packed with features. They offer great freedom from wire and let you connect with multiple devices simultaneously to enhance your everyday workflow.

They also provide excellent typing and gaming comfort having a compact design that gets blended with a road station. There are a lot of wireless keyboards on the market with different features.

So, just to help you choose the perfect wireless keyboard for your PlayStation, we have come up with the top 5 best wireless gaming keyboards. It will act as a catalyst for your gaming and streaming experience and will lead to a great gaming future ahead.

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