Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboard (Reviews)

one handed keyboard

Being a gamer, it's crucial to select the best gaming keyboard based on size, durability, versatility, and price range too. In the 21st century, one-handed keyboards have become one of the best substitutes for your long, big, non-portable gaming keyboards. These keyboards play a great role in pressing no useless keys accidentally during intense match situations.

However, they are also found at various price ranges, features, durability, etc. So, we have come up with the top 5 best One-Handed gaming keyboards available in the market. They guarantee to provide you with the top comfort, decent price range, and a gorgeous outlook. So, without any further delay, let's check them out!

5 Best One-Handed Keyboards for Gaming

▶ RedThunder One-Handed Mechanical GamingKeyboard

▶ Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical

▶ NPET T20 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

▶ AULA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

▶ Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad


RedThunder One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Red thunder keyboard


 Anti-dust blue mechanical switches

 All keys anti-ghosting

 9 backlight colours with 5 backlighting modes



✔️ The switches are super clicky and flexible.

✔️ There are 35 keys along with 6 super-driven programmable keys.



❌ The wrist rest is big but not at all comfortable.


The RedThunder one-handed keyboard has been one of the most reputed gaming products in the global market. It has got tons of features at such a low price tag. Firstly, it's featured with anti-dust blue mechanical switches that have an extremely clear keystroke tactile. All of them have an anti-ghosting feature too.

The RGB is extremely beautiful with 9 varieties of colours and 5 modes of lighting. Also, it comes with 6 programmable keys that can be driven for various shortcuts. Additionally, there's a big wrist rest that makes it suitable for every type of gamers out there. However, it's compatible with Windows, Vista, ME, Mac, Linux, IBM.


Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical

Redragon K585


 28 macro setting profiles

 7 programmable keys

 Detachable wrist rest



✔️ It has blue outemu mechanical switches.

✔️ There are 5 customizable lighting modes with 16.8 million RGB colours.

✔️ It has a lightweight design.



❌ It requires a third party software for customisations.


The Redragon K585 is featured with 47 mechanical blue outemu switches along with programmable macro keys of 28 customizable profiles, and 5 customizable lighting modes. There's a nice magnetic wrist rest and above all it's removable. So you can imagine how versatile it actually is.

It is lightweight, portable, slim, and tactile. The macro keys can be assigned with single or multiple keystrokes that'll save your time in the middle of battle. Here, you're going to have an amazing crispy experience with the keys. Lastly Redragon is one of the most reputed companies in the gaming hardware industry, thus you can blindly trust it's built quality.


NPET T20 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

npet t20 keyboard


 12 macro settings

 8 RGB lighting modes

 Injection laser carving ABS keycaps



✔️ The built material is very impressive.

✔️ The palm rest has a very ergonomic design.

✔️ Every key includes the anti-ghosting feature.



❌ The shape may not be suitable for every gamer.


The NPET T20 offers great ergonomics and it is very functional with its 38 fully programmable keys. There are 3 programmable macro keys that bind multiple commands and their activation process is too simple. Moreover it is made out of quality plastic and aluminium making it more resistant to scratches and provides great durability along with a water-resistant feature.

It's featured with 16.8 million colours along with 8 preset modes of lighting. It comes with an ergonomic palm rest that provides an awestruck gaming experience to their users. Every key in this keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature and the keycap comes with injection ABS design. This is one of the most recommended products at a very decent budget level.

AULA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Aula gaming keyboard


 Auto sleep feature

 Double-shot injection molding keycaps

 8 customisable Marco keys and 10 hot-keys



✔️ The wrist rest has a soft padding for outstanding comfort.

✔️ It has 5 pre-programmed and 5 customisable backlit modes.

✔️ The keycaps are extremely durable and sturdy.



❌ No cons found till now.


The AULA Gaming keyboard includes each and every features that the big gaming keyboards have. You'll never even feel like you're using a one-handed piece. Firstly, it has double molded ultra strong keys  that have a greater lifespan than the blue mechanical switches. There 8 independent macro keys and 10 hot-keys that provides an awestruck experience to their users.

Each and every key has an anti-ghosting feature along with double-shot injected keycaps. The keyboard has an auto sleep mode too that eventually increases its lifespan. The wrist has a padding that provides a top-class comfort while gaming. Additionally, there's 5 pre-programmed backliting modes and 5 customizable backlit profiles. So, from every perspective it's considered as one of the most highly featured one-handed gaming keyboards in the market.


Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus keyboard


 Razer hypershift functionality mode

 Detachable wrist rest

 8-way directional thumbpad & scroll wheel



✔️ It has the ability to substitute both the keyboard and mouse.

✔️ The keys are actuated at mid height for quicker response.

✔️ The design is extremely lightweight.



❌ No cons found till now.


The Razer Tartarus v2 is one of the best keypads for MMO players that is fully featured with an absolutely new, sporty, and yet a classic razor look. It's basically a combination of a soft cushion touch along with a crisp tactile click of the membrane rubber dome. For an instantaneous response, the keys are actuated at a mid height.

There are 32 fully programmable keys with a smooth scroll wheel and a 8-way directional thumbpad for more natural feeling, that means, it replaces your mouse too. There are 16.8 million color options that you get in this keyboard. You also get an option to turn on the secondary set of commands just with a single tap, that is, the Razer Hyper Shift mode. It has an extremely lightweight design and above all you get a detachable wrist rest.



World is changing and you should change  and upgrade yourself too. Every gamer wants to have the essential keys and buttons by removing all other unimportant, extra keys from their keyboard. And thus, one-handed gaming keyboards were made. They not only reduce space consumption but also weigh too less and are one of the most recommended gadgets if you want to carry a keyboard with yourself.

This makes a gamer play in their own way, wherever and however they want. However, most of these keyboards are made of high quality material and they guarantee to authentically serve the real purpose of a gamer.

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