10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2020

list of best laptop cooling pads

Laptops are prone to overheating, mainly when they are being used for extended periods of time. Investing in a simple laptop cooling pad can prevent expensive overheating damage to the motherboard, processor, etc.

A cooling pad is one of the most recommended accessories for every laptop gamer out there. However, there are various products available in the market and choosing the best from it is a very tough job. So, after a lot of experiences and research, we have come up with the top 10 best and latest laptop cooling pads available in the market.

This analysis is based on price versus performance and situations they can be used in. We will also compare them based on size, fan quality, the convenience of use, and style. So, without any further delay, let's check them out!


Top Laptop Cooling Pads in 2020

Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler

Klim Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

Topmate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooler

MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Pccooler Laptop Cooler

Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad

Kootek Chill Mat 5

Havit RGB Cooler

Keynice Laptop Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

Havit cooling pad


➕ Ultra-slim and lightweight

 Multi-directional metal mesh

 Extra USB port

 Power on/off button 


The Havit HV-F2056 is one of the most popular cooling pads available in this overflowing market. It has an attractive and aggressive design, covered with metal mesh at the top and bottom. When you turn it on the blue LED lights illuminate and the fans, the lights will be covered by the laptop but will leave a dim blue glow. It has three different cooling fans of 110 mm and 1,000 RPM.

It'll work best with laptops that have multiple cooling vents, those gaming laptops that mostly events for the processor and the graphics card unit. The compatibility of this pad is 15.6 to 17 inches laptops, and that is a pretty decent feature.

Havit provides 3 varieties of colours to choose from; Black+Blue, Black+Red, only Blue. And remember, that price tag may differ based on this colour choice.

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

Klim Wind laptop cooler


 Supports up to 19 inches laptop

 4 High-speed fans with 1,200 RPM

 5 Year warranty

 Ergonomic design with 2 inclination levels


The KLIM windlaptop cooler comes with an average speed of 1200 revolutions per minute each. It has the ability to drop down the temperature of your laptop to a reasonable level in less than a minute.

It is featured with multiple suction cups of different sizes and shapes. The two frontal legs provide excellent stability to keep it in place.  When the pads feet rise, it doesn't exceed 26 decibels in operation.

The charming and eye-catching look is provided by those beautiful LED lights below the pad. On the other hand, it has two USB ports to leave you with one free port for specialised purposes. Another awestruck advantage is that it can also be used with a PS4 Xbox One or Wii. So, doesn't it provide a lot more than its price tag?

TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooler

TopMate C5 cooling pad


 5 Ultra Quiet fans, with manual selection

 5 adjustable angle settings

 Non-slip durable material

 Small LCD control panel 


The TopMate C5 is specially made for the aggressive gamers out there. It's customisable 5 fan technology guarantees to give your laptop the much-needed coolness during intense battle royals. The big centre fan has 2400 RPM, and the small fans have 1200 RPM.

The quality is always expected when it comes to TopMate delivering high-quality standardised products that'll always suit your needs. The chassis is built with aluminium mesh on top and plastic on the sides. Near the control panel, the mesh has a luxury feel, and it's nice to touch the plastic.

There's a control panel light display that's used to display the modes and information while the buttons allow you to switch between them. It's also fully adjustable as it features five different positions to choose from. The blue LED illuminates as soon as you turn it on, and it looks marvellous in the dark.

MeFee RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

MeFee Rgb pad


 360° all-round dynamic cooling

 Supports up to laptops of 21 inches

 Glamorous RGB lighting

 7 height adjustment levels

 Free side phone holder 


The 21-inch compatible MeFee RGB cooling pad is featured with 6 high-speed ultra cooling fans. For improving the cooling effect, it is featured with a pure metal panel cooler along with a large mesh surface.

Though it has a high price tag, you will get impressed with the 360-degree all-round dynamic cooling optimisation. It has 7 height levels and various customisable RGB effects. You can also select only a specific number of fans to be turned on/off from the control panel.

You can control lights and fan quickly via the built-in control panel, including light mode button and wind speed adjustment button. You also get an impressive side phone stand to keep a mark on your phone while working with your lappy. This is one of the most popular and recommended products from our side.

Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

best laptop cooling pad


 Stainless steel honeycomb mesh

 Foldable double brackets for gripping

 Adjustable fan speed setting

 6 adjustable height setting


The Pccooler laptop cooling pad features 2.5-millimetre stainless steel honeycomb mesh for optimal airflow and heat dissipation. It uses 5 ultra-quiet fans with a total of 10 red LED lights for enhanced visibility and performance.

One of the unique things about this cooler is how quiet it is; you won't have to deal with any noisy operation while it is running. The foldable double brackets keep the cooler stable at all times, so it doesn't slide around.

It has an ergonomic design that you can count on to provide you with the most comfortable angle possible. You have the option of adjusting the fan speed to match your specific cooling needs. Along with everything, at such a low price tag, you also get 6 adjustable height settings, and that's truly marvellous.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

Aicheson cooler


 Fan speed and LED intensity controller button

 Hidden anti-slip stopper

 Consumes less power

 Diamond groove metal mesh


The AICHESON laptop cooling pad has the best gripping technology in the market. At the top, it uses a diamond groove metal mesh with perfect curves and cuttings that can easily fit a 17.3-inch laptop. Like other pads, this one also has 2 USB ports; 1 for turning it on, and the other for connecting your mouse, keyboard, or speaker.

At the back, there's a button roller that can be used to increase and decrease the speed of the fan. And, the LED light intensity is directly proportional to the speed of the fans, and this feature is pretty cool.

It has 4 adjustable height settings that make it way too versatile at this price range. The big central fan has 10,000 RPM and the smaller side fans have 15,000 RPM, and this is a surprising feature at this budget.

Aicheson provides 2 varieties of colours; Blue and Black with the same price tag. The most significant backlog in this product is the absence of an LCD panel, and that's really annoying for some of the users out there.

Kootek Chill Mat 5

Kootek Chill mat


 3 working modes

 6 adjustable height setting

 2 premium quality front stoppers

 LEDs on both front and back


The Kootek cooling pad is designed for maximum laptop cooling with 5 super deluxe fans. They work at high efficiency and run in the background without disruptions to your workflow or gameplay.

The Chill Mat 5 definitely does what it says, and it does it exceptionally well for just $33. The big central fan is about 5.9-inch, and the side fans are 2.76-inch. You have the option of selecting to run just the single massive fan or only the four side fans or five fans at the same time.

Say NO to neck strain and back pain with six comfortable height settings. However, it is slightly on the heavier side compared to the other market competitors. But it's worth every penny with the versatility that you get with this cooling pad.

Havit RGB Cooling Pad

Havit laptop cooler


 Large vents with metal mesh

 15 stylish RGB light patterns

 Fan spins at 1,100 RPM

 Anti-skid baffle design



This Havit model is specifically designed for those people who is in search of an awestruck RGB gaming setup. It is featured with 15 kinds of designs for its sidelight, and it's way too eye-catching. These designs can be switched just by a single tap, and that's simply amazing.

The metal mesh and remarkable ventilation process have made it one of the most durable products in the market. However, it only has two height adjustment modes, and that's somehow a disappointing feature.

The anti-skid baffles prevent your laptop from skating down and it can support laptops of about 17 inches. There's a rotatable switch for adjusting your fan speed and light intensity. Remember, that brighter the light, faster will be the speed of the fans.

Keynice Laptop Cooling Pad

Keynice laptop cooling pad


 Non-slip foam pad

 6 fans with customisable modes

 5 wind speed adjustability

 LCD for detailed information of various profiles


The Keynice cooling pad has recently become popular because of the updated technologies that have been used in the latest models. Firstly, those 6 fans spin at the rate of 2,600 RPM. The rotating speed can be changed as per your needs, and there are 5 modes of wind speed.

It has the feature that will enable you to turn on only 4 fans or 3 fans and also 6 fans. The non-slip foam is the same as the other pads in this list. There is an ergonomic quadrant elevation design in this model.

This provides relief from muscle fatigue after long-time laptop operation by making the most optimised and stable angle. Along with all this, you also get a phone holder for both vertical and horizontal placement. The LEDs attached to fans act as a catalyst to your gaming environment.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Tree new Bee cooling pad


 5 high speed LED attached fans

 Can be used on lap due to the soft neoprene material

 Four rubber stoppers

 6 levels of inclination


The Tree New Bee provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface that keeps you and your laptop fresh. This pad even releases heat when kept on your lap via the two lower dual fans. Normally, this type of ventilation gets blocked when kept on a pillow or any other soft surface.

The soft neoprene is the main reason behind this lap comfort, and the ergonomic inclination makes typing way too comfortable. To prevent the laptop from slipping, they have provided four grippy rubber stoppers.

The 5 powerful discreet fans and the free edge design promises to keep your computer in top condition. These fans have a radius 120 mm and they spin at 1,200 RPM. The six levels of inclining feature provide  the most perfect, and comfortable viewing and typing angle.

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