8 Best PC Controllers: Top Gamepads in 2020

best gaming controller

In such a versatile world, you can reap the benefits of console gaming without even buying a console. One of the most significant advantages of console gaming is the controller. For that purpose, a large number of manufacturers have delivered great PC controller models that will elevate the best gaming experience.

A gamepad is one of the preferable alternatives to your mouse and keyboard combo. Above all, a real gamer knows that the old combo makes our desk too clumsy. With a gamepad, you can just sit back from the screen, and that results in maximum comfort.

Thus, here we have come up with the top 8 best gaming controllers for PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo switch, and your smartphone too. This list is made with personal experience and a lot of research on the particular material. So, without any further ado, let's check them out!


Top PC Controllers in 2020

Logitech F310 Gamepad

SteelSeries Stratus Gaming Controller

Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

Razer Wolverine Tounament Edition

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Gamepad

PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad

EasySMX Gaming Controller

Steam Controller

Logitech F310 Gamepad

logitech f310


➕ Easy to customise 

➕ 10 programmable buttons

➕ One-click to switch between X-input and D-input



✔️ It has an incredibly lightweight design.

✔️ The companion software can be used to set up various profiles.

✔️ There are two types of input methods in this controller.

✔️ It can be connected with every gaming console, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Mac.



 Its design is comparatively old and too simple.


The Logitech F310 delivers a superb and adequate performance despite being pretty old. On top of all this, it's from a big name brand, and you can trust its quality blindly. None of the gamers will sacrifice quality and functionality when it's compared with design.

It has a quality control system consisting of two analog sticks; the directional pad, bumper, and trigger on each side of the four buttons located towards the right. You'll spot a switch that allows you to go between X input and D (direct) input.

It's recommended to install the Logitech companion software to configure the controls to your liking. It is pretty lightweight, and its setup process is way too simple. It requires 2 AAA batteries that provide a decent lifespan for high-end gamers.


SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Gaming Controller

steel series gamepad


➕ Dedicated shortcut buttons

➕ Handy, and comfortable design

➕ Supports Android and VR

➕ LED lights represent the status of Connectivity



✔️ It's an ergonomic full-sized gaming controller.

✔️ The left and right joy keys are very flexible and go as per the costly gamepads out there.

✔️ The trigger buttons can be customised as per requirement.



 It's not suitable for competitive gaming because of the Connectivity type.

 It's not suitable for gamers with a big palm.


The SteelSeries Stratus XL is the most ergonomic full-size gaming controller for Android and Windows that should allow you to take your mobile gaming to the next level. The controller has a plastic feel bolt, but it definitely feels solid in hand with a shockingly lightweight design.

There's a handy LED panel that is used for pairing status and battery indication. The orange accents on the foam stack add some character to the controller. Taking a look at the top, there's the bumper, trigger buttons and the back includes the on/off switch, and of course the battery door.

It uses 2 AA batteries with an average lifespan of 35+ hours. This gamepad can be used for tablets, smartphones, windows, Mac, etc. This is one of the essential accessories for every high-end mobile FPS gamers out there.

Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

dual shock 4


➕ Customisable shortcut buttons

➕ Built-in speaker

➕ Integrated non-distracting light


✔️ This structure is suitable for every type of hand, be it big or small.

✔️ It has a nice rubberised texture for the best gripping feature.

✔️ It can be used in charging mode too.

✔️ The analog sticks are very durable for precise and breakless competitive gaming.



 No cons found till now. 


The DualShock 4 is the official controller for the PS4 and has become one of the most favourite and popular gaming pads all over the world. Its jaw-dropping features are unbeatable at this mid-level price range. It has 15 varieties of colour, and each one is unique and stylish in their way.

The controller has a sleeker frame rounder design and larger chassis that fits perfectly in hand. It includes a touchpad and a speaker that adds an impressive feel in this product. The light bar on the top part delivers a more intuitive and engaging experience and feedback to their users.

The trackpad is pretty accurate for what it's designed for and delivers an excellent typing and traditional experience. In games, the analog sticks are very responsive and provide an enhanced grip to the controller. Just install the companion app on your PC, connect the controller, and be the last man standing on the battleground.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

razer wolverine


➕ 4 Remappable buttons

➕ Hair-trigger mode

➕ Detachable cord



✔️ It has a gorgeous outlook design.

✔️ The Hair-trigger mode is essential for every eSports gamers.

✔️ It has hundreds of profiles for chroma lighting.

✔️ The thumbsticks are comparatively larger and impressive.


 It doesn't work in PS4.


The Wolverine Tournament Edition is one of the most recommended controllers for every eSports player out there. Like every other gamepad, it offers you two additional multifunction bumpers; trigger stops along with additional hair trigger mode for competitive gaming.

This little trigger stop lets you get all the range of your trigger so you can pretty much play any other game other than first-person shooters. It has one of the most perfect and most beautiful mechanics for Fifa, Fortnite, PUBG, etc.

Besides, there's a chroma lighting providing a pretty nice detail and enhanced texture grip. The two thumbsticks are a little bit larger than the ordinary controllers in the market. However, this controller is only supportable for Windows, and Xbox, and not for PS4. So, this is a backlog for the PS streamers out there.

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Gamepad

8bitdo gamepad


➕ Adjustable hair triggers

➕ Motion sensors up to 6 axis

➕ Sensitivity is modifiable


✔️ The face buttons are very glossy and eye-catching.

✔️ It has an excellent textured grip that produces the least amount of sweat in your hand.

✔️ It is highly versatile and can be used for every gaming gadget available in the market.

✔️ It supports both the wired and wireless mode.


 It has an old, elegant look.

 It is not suitable for bigger hands, as the analogue stick is not too big.


The first thing that stands out about 8bit Sn 30 Pro+ controller is the design. It looks similar to the older Sn30 Pro model, just with an additional grip making it handier. It's available in 3 editions; Black edition, G Classic edition, and Sn edition.

In this model, you have glossy face buttons on the right, mushy rubber Select and Start buttons in the centre. It also includes dual analog sticks positioned just like PlayStation's dual-shock controllers. Then we have L2 and R2 triggers same as the Sn30 Pro, but this Plus edition has bigger and better curves.

Finally, on the right, we have a home button with an LED ring, and to the left, we have a capture button. This Plus model works with multiple devices, including Windows, Android, Mac, Nintendo switch, raspberry, etc. It can be connected via both the wired and wireless modes, and you can charge it only via the USB cable provided.

PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad

ORDA controller


➕ Highly sensitive D-pad

➕ Built-in soundbox

➕ Built-in shock motors



✔️ There are little bristles at the end of the analog sticks.

✔️ The speakers are of extremely deluxe quality.

✔️ There's a touchpad that can be used as a substitute for your mouse.

✔️ There's a built-in 3D gyroscope feature in this controller piece.


 It is not made for Xbox gamers.


The ORDA Gaming Controller is the replica of the DualShock 4 in terms of design and versatility. The analog sticks have little bristles along the edges to resist your thumbs from slipping. This gamepad has a concave shape compared to the convex shape of the other standard gamepads.

The built-in speaker is pretty decent and provides a beautiful stereo sound in the absence of the earphones. However, you also get realistic vibration feedback while using it because of the ergonomic design and soft buttons.

There's a touchpad towards the head of the controller along with a mini light bar. The built-in 3d gyroscope can cope up with PS, PC, and macOS. It's also featured with an audio jack, and a button to share files just by a single tap.

EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller

wired gaming controller


➕ Customisable dual vibration setting

➕ Easily accessible turbo mode

➕ Deluxe linear triggers


✔️ It has a beautiful plastic black finish.

✔️ The triggers have excellent flexibility and feedback.

✔️ There's an excellent grip on the backside of the gamepad.


 It doesn't support Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and MAC OS.

 The battery life is not suitable for high-end gamers or streamers.


The EasySMX provides pretty decent controls and features being one of the most popular, and cheapest gaming controllers in the market. Just look at the colour scheme; it's got an attractive black plastic finish.

You can see the grips are on the backside of this controller that lets you hold it almost perfectly. When it comes to the triggers, it actually feels flexible and authentic like that of the Xbox controller or the PlayStation 4 controller. It smoothly supports Windows, TV(Mi) Box, Android, and PS3.

But keep in mind, that it doesn't support Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, and MAC OS. However, this gamepad provides a customisable dual vibration setting and also a turbo mode for the best feedback. At such a low budget, there is no unnecessary fiddling in this pad being the best substitute to your mouse, keyboard combo.

Steam Controller

steam controller


➕ HD haptic feedback

➕ Easily customisable via the software

➕ Dual-stage trigger mode

➕ Gorgeous grippy matte black finish


✔️ It's pretty cute, mini, and portable.

✔️ There are two large sensitive touchpads.

✔️ It has an extremely smooth, ergonomic, rubber textured feeling.


 It's slightly on the heavier side.


The Steam Controller is a little strange-looking controller which takes a little time to get used to. It's a bit large and bubbly overall with some smooth vibe going on it, and it's pretty economical too. Along with a dual-stage trigger mode, it's compatible with every gaming gadget available in the market.

There's a large touchpad, and there is an analog stick on one side which is of the highest quality, and pretty stiff. It's very responsive and constructed of rubber on top for comfort and grip. On the other side, you'll find the D-pad and surprisingly another large touchpad.

Though this controller is cute and small but it's slightly on the heavier side compared to the other gamepads in this list. It's not as accurate as of the original mouse and keyboard setup; however, it's a significant change of feel and a great experience overall.


A gamepad is one of the essential equipment, and when it comes to gaming, then it's actually at the top. However, a gaming controller should be chosen based upon stability, features, battery life (only for wireless), tactile feedback, and price range too.

Here, we have provided the top 8 best gaming controllers for you, and you should choose one of them based on your requirements and purpose. These 8 controllers are one of the best, and most popular products in this highly saturated market.

Every product in this list is worth the budget, and it's guaranteed that you're not going to have better gamepads than them, considered the various price tags mentioned.

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