8 Best Small & Compact Gaming Keyboards in 2020

Best small compact mechanical gaming keyboard

A gamer always needs to carry their gadgets with them; hence a small, compact keyboard is one of the most essential equipment for them. And, just a cheap, low-grade product won't obviously work. To get your name into the leaderboards, investing in the perfect gadgets is very important.

The market is flooded with various mini, micro, and one-handed gaming keyboards, and finding the best out of it is seriously a tough job. Thus, today we have come up with the top 8 best mini gaming keyboards that guarantee to provide you with the full benefit of portability, durability, versatility, and the most premium features. So, without any further ado, let's check them out!

8 Best Compact Keyboards in 2020

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Huo Ji Z-88 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tecware Phantom Mechanical Keyboard

RK Royal Kludge RK61 Wireless

Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Motospeed 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Dierya Gaming keyboard


➕ Auto sleep mode turns on within 3 minutes of rest

 High-quality ABS construction

 7 LED lights with 8 light modes



✔️ It has a sleek and footprint design.

✔️ The Cherry MX switches are very silent and provide helpful feedback.

✔️ There is soft coating even on the keycaps.



❌ It's not suitable for Xbox and PS4 gamers. 


The DIERYA gaming keyboard is absolutely tiny, has a very sleek and small footprint design. The frame of the keyboard has a smooth matte black finish to it and is entirely made out of ABS plastic. The plastic doesn't feel cheap at all; rather, it's quite durable.

It also has no flex at all within the frame, and it's relatively light. It doesn't feel hollow, and there's no rattle or anything like that. The quality of this keyboard is very much comparable to the costly keyboards double its price point. At the bottom, there are four rubberised pads on each side which helped a lot to keep the board in one spot.

Also, the keycaps have a soft rubberised coating around them. However, the red switches have a linear travel path design; they aren't clicky or have any sort of tactile bump. While gaming the keystrokes and inputs feel a lot more responsive because of their fast travel path and ensures you stay on top.


Huo Ji Mechanical Keyboard


 Every switch support DIY replacement

 High-quality ABS built material

 Laser carving character key feature



✔️ The rainbow LED lights have 10 different modes.

✔️ The blue mechanical switches have an anti-ghosting feature.

✔️ It's extremely small, compact, and lightweight.



❌ It can't be converted into a wireless mode.


The HUO JI is featured with cherry mix knockoffs that's the Ultimo blue switches. They're very durable still they're a little bit more clicky and make a lot more sound. It's good that they have an anti-ghosting feature at this price range.

There are four rubber pads along with a kickstand so you can make the keyboard go at an angle. The keycaps are double-shot injected moulds with the outside being white, and it has laser etching on the inside part. These keycaps are very smooth, but there's a probability of getting broken from a drop.

There are ten colour modes in this keyboard: a unison colour mode, breathing mode and a gaming mode too. There are a lot of shortcut keys that'll help you to move on to a particular application directly. It weighs just 1 pound and is considered as one of the most lightweight, compact mechanical gaming keyboards available in the market.

Redragon K552 Mechanical

Redragon K552


 Metal base and ABS built-material

 Splash-proof, non-slip design

 Ultra-durable outemu blue key switches



✔️ It's made of conventional plastic, so it never bends and flexes.

✔️ The retractable feet are an imposing feature in this board.

✔️ The lighting of this keyboard can be controlled with the help of the keys itself, and there's no need for any software.



❌ The LED lights are not that bright and precise.


The Redragon K552 comes with a minimalistic and simple design that looks very clean. The keyboard is made of plastic, but it is very durable as the keyboard does not flex at all. The texture of the keys themselves is very smooth with a glossy, matte finish. The LED lights illuminate the characters pretty well though the brightness is not that great.

Redragon has provided some fantastic rubber feet on four corners. The retractable feet snap into position and make the keyboard stand at one place. This keyboard is featured with Cherry MX blue clones that are tactile, clicky, feel very good, especially for typing.

This keyboard doesn't need software, so the 5 adjustable modes of lighting can be easily changed via the keys. This keyboard is very similar to the previous one, that is, the Huo Ji Z-88 keyboard. So if you prefer the unique features that they provide, then opt for anyone of them, you're guaranteed to get a perfect return on your investment.

Tecware Phantom Mechanical Keyboard

Tecware Phantom Gaming keyboard


 Per key LED customisable feature

 Swappable switch sockets

 Fiberglass printed circuit board



✔️ It has a glossy, grippy matte black surface.

✔️ The RGB lighting is extraordinarily cool and impressive.



❌ It is comparatively a bit weighty.


The Tecware Phantom is featured with Outemu switches. It has three varieties: red, brown, and blue. The blue switches are a bit clicky; red switches are very linear, that is, they're effortless to press down, whereas Browns are a little bit in the middle between the red and blue switches.

This budget gaming compact keyboard comes with a keycap puller that means you can change any of the switches based on your choice. It is really helpful if you want to change your mostly used keys for gaming or if some of them get broken or damaged. It's got a steel backplate, and it's not going to bend at all.

It's very sturdy, and the build quality overall is impressive. The super cool RGB has 18 modes of lighting, and you also get per-key LED customisable features. There's a third party software that you need to download to access all these premium features.

RK Royal Kludge RK61 Wireless

RK Royal gaming keyboard


 Multi devices can be connected at the same time

 18 LED light modes

 Auto sleep mode

 Wired and wireless mode switching is straightforward



✔️ It is available with three types of switches- red, blue, brown.

✔️ The wireless mode provides a pretty impressive battery life of 8-10 hours.

✔️ The key caps are highly protective and durable.



❌ The LED is not at all impressive.

❌ Some users may find it a bit bulky.


The RK Royal Kludge has plenty of functionality, a soothing look that creates a pleasant atmosphere. Here, you have a choice between red, blue, and brown switches but remember that red is for gaming and blue or brown is for tactile experience. 18 modes of RGB lighting can be found in this keyboard along with some high-end keycaps.

Even though it's priced relatively low, you get a wireless mode via Bluetooth, and you can connect it to up to three devices. The wireless mode provides 8-10 hours of battery backup, and that's very decent for a mid-range priced keyboard. However, the LEDs are not that much bright, but it's useful for creating a pretty eye-catching ambience.

In this keyboard, you'll also find an auto-sleep mode, and that's actually beneficial in case you are careless. Its size is comparatively small compared to the other keyboards, so it's recommended for the short-handed gamers out there.

Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini


 Side printed PBT keycaps

 Customisable up to 5 profiles

 Aluminium built material with a durable base plastic



✔️ The matte black design is incredibly gorgeous and attractive.

✔️ The RGB is very bright with pre-programmed effects.

✔️ It's lightweight compared to many other keyboards present in this list.



❌ The key sounds are comparatively loud.



The Razer Huntsman Mini feels very solid and robust in hand with a top plate aluminium and plastic for the rest. It is a durable plastic base, and razer made it look pretty epic by etching the phrase for gamers by gamers all across.

The bottom includes different levels of adjustable feet for the most comfortable use. It has a nice and strong overall textured surface on them, and there's a nice feeling with the lighting. The RGB backlighting is way too bright, and the pre-programmed effects all look amazing on this keyboard.

It comes with a detachable cable feature along with double shot PBT keycaps. The mechanics of the switch is very impressive, providing tactile feedback even if pressed lightly. So, irrespective of your budget, this mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the most popular and remarkable keyboards out in the market.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro- Tenkeyless

hyprX alloy fps gaming


 Solid steel minimalistic tenkeyless design

 Highly precise reliable switches

 Six preset lighting profiles



✔️ It has a very sleek and impressive designed structure.

✔️ The Cherry MX keys are incredibly durable and reliable.

✔️ It comes with a detachable USB cable.

✔️ There are shortcut keys for media, email, LED, etc.



❌ It is slightly bigger compared to the other boards on this list.


The HyperX alloy FPS Pro is made of a combination of steel and plastic that feels dense and rigid. The keyboard uses Cherry MX switches that are known for their responsiveness and durability and the overall weight is around 2 pounds. The keycaps provide 100% anti-ghosting feature, that have a well shape with a shallow curve and smooth finish.

HyperX offers up to six highly customisable profiles and that too without any third-party software installed. There are shortcut F-keys for media control, email, LED customisation, etc. It comes with a braided detachable cable wire, and with that, you get the advantage of making it wireless.

The board doesn't flex at all, and it's incredibly durable, also as it is HyperX so you can trust it blindly. They have never disappointed any of their customers till date. Thus, at the mid-budget, this is one of the most recommended gaming mechanical compact keyboards of all time.

Motospeed 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard

Motospeed compact gaming keyboard


 19 LED backlight modes

 High-quality red Outemu switches



✔️ It has a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks.

✔️ It has a pretty compact design with arrow keys converted into WASD buttons.



❌ It doesn't have any adjustable height feature.

❌ It may be heavy for some users.


The Motospeed 3.0 is pretty simple in terms of features and looks. It is available in either white or black and has either Altima red or blue switches fitted. However, this keyboard doesn't have any option to adjust the height.

The case of this keyboard is made of plastic, and the backplate is of metal. The stock keycaps are ABS, that is, moderately thick along with a removable braided cable. It can be used in both wired and non-wired mode (Bluetooth). There are 19 gorgeous LED backlight modes, with 16.8 million types of colours.

The keys can sustain 50 million keystrokes, and these Outemu red switches have 3-4 times more lifespan than the rubber dome switches. So, you can blindly trust these keys. This is the cheapest compact gaming keyboard in this list, and overall it's all fine just keep in mind that it doesn't have a height adjusting feature, and WASD replaces arrow keys.

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