7 Best Budget Gaming Mouse at 30$

best gaming mouse

Gaming mice are probably the only category of P.C. gaming where you'll find top tier quality and features in the budget products. That means super flexible cables along with some of the best sensors and comfortable, lightweight shells.

So maybe you're looking to upgrade your setup or just improve your team in first-person shooting without spending a ton of cash.

You should definitely check out these really affordable options first. So I've got 7 of the cheapest gaming mice today just at 30 dollars. And the good news is whatever grip, preference or hand size you have, you've got some options here. So, without any further conversation, let's check them out!


Top 7 Most Affordable Gaming Mouse

Version Tech Gaming Mouse

 VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

 Redragon M711 Cobra gaming Mouse

 Redragon M602 RGB Gaming Mouse

 Pictek RGB Gaming Mouse

 Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

 SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Version Tech Gaming Mouse

Version tech mouse

The Version Tech Gaming Mouse focuses more on the design rather than the functions. The texture of the piece is just amazing as it's coloured with Cuban threads. The board is made up of good quality, hard plastic.

The board's sturdy and can withstand heavy usage on both sides. There are some A2 like designs, which is cool. The colourful plastic and the black rubber combination is all better to build 7 buttons to work with.

You can use a small button to swap the colour of the energy lights. The right and left button are really silent. With this heavy load, you get a button to change the DPI on the fly. It's an awestruck feature at such a low price tag.

Thus, this mouse piece will be the best choice if you don't want to invest too much and want a colourful, attractive, highly optimised gaming mouse.


✔️ The Cuban thread design is fantastic.

✔️ The board's always ready to handle heavy usage.

✔️ The DPI and Colour design can be changed just with 1 button.

✔️ The clicks are very silent.



❌ The shape of the mouse may not be suitable for some people.


VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Mouse

This VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is the top-selling gaming mouse in the market. According to the product description on the Amazon store page, this is a high-grade wireless piece that features reliability, ease of use, user comfort, fast data transmission and no delay or dropouts, all because you deserve it. 

Although you can see it's very small, still it manages to fit comfortably into your hand. The right side of the mouse has a soft rubber feeling pad to rest your thumb just below the forward and back buttons. On the opposite side, the shape seems to naturally fit your fingers while allowing a fair bit of surface area to grip up top.

There's a grip textured scroll wheel that provides tactile feedback, and there's also a DPI adjustment button that can be used to change the DPI setting to five different preset levels starting at 800 and topping out at 2,400.

The click sound is actually quite audible, although I wouldn't consider it distracting. Underneath the mouse, you will find a battery compartment that houses one battery and the 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. All in all, this mouse is one of the best wireless mice that I've ever seen in the market. Just at 20$, it provides a beautiful built material, design and many unbelievable features.


✔️ Though it's small, it will fit comfortably in your hand.

✔️ The gripping is really impressive.

✔️ The DPI ranging from 800 to 2,400 can be changed just with 1 click.

✔️ The 2.4 GHz wireless connection is highly reliable.



❌ It doesn't have too many buttons and thus, is not suitable for high pick gamers.


Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

redragon m711

The Redragon M711 Cobra is not the best on the market, but they're a million times better than what you usually get in this budget category. In all, there are 7 programmable buttons. Two of those can be used to adjust DPI settings.

There are four pre-programmed buttons. But in the software, you have the range to go from 100 to 5000. The RGB lighting has smooth animation effects and just looks the way it should look. It covers the whole edge of the top shell.

The logo and the mouse have these beautiful strips that aren't too in your face, but still, it makes them a bit more flashy. The shape and feel of the device are fantastic. The overall size is a bit above average, but even users with smaller hands had no issues using them.

Though rubberised quality is far better, still with any of the trimming grips, the top shell is made from smooth touch plastic. But based on the given price range, they couldn't make each of our wishes come true. The Red Dragon Cobra is perfect for gamers who can afford the top of the line components but still wish to have an enjoyable, reliable and of course, quality gaming experience.


✔️ The DPI ranges from 100 to 5,000.

✔️ There are 7 highly customisable buttons.

✔️ The LED strip looks really great. 

✔️ It is very ergonomic in shape.


❌ The plastic material doesn't provide grip.

Redragon M602 RGB Gaming Mouse

redragon m602

The Redragon M602 Gaming Mouse is ergonomically designed for the eSports gaming pros. It has contoured smooth design for precise movements. It is a highly customisable gaming mouse, built for both left and right-handed gamers out there. 

It is featured with adjustable DPI settings ranging from 800 to 7200. The gaming grade micro switches guarantee extreme responsiveness, longevity and more exceptional durability. It comes with 5 memory profiles, each featured with different colour options for quick identification.

The shape of this mouse piece is unbelievably impressive. It has an anti-skid scroll wheel and also the Teflon feet pads for providing the best controlling power. Redragon provides a 6-feet long braided fibre cable and a corrosion-free USB connector. This is one of the most reliable mouse pieces that I've ever seen. Just get this product if you really want a good return for your investment.


✔️ It is suitable for both handed gamers.

✔️ It can afford a maximum DPI of 7,200.

✔️ It has memory profiles to save your custom specifications.

✔️ It comes with an anti-skid scroll wheel and Teflon feet pads.



❌ No cons found till now.


Pictek RGB Gaming Mouse

pictek gaming mouse

The Picktek RGB Gaming Mouse is one of the best affordable, high-performance gaming mice. It's the successor to the original pick tech gaming mouse. It has been recently tagged as the "Best Seller" on Amazon. 

The left-hand side of the mouse is where you will find the typical forwards and back buttons. They also managed to cram a third button sandwiched right in between these two. And all of these buttons are fully customisable.

There's a nice wide scroll wheel covered with a nice rubber texture for added grip and also 2 DPI adjustment buttons. Despite its pretty low price tag, this piece actually supports full 16.8 million colour RGB lighting effects that can be controlled and configured using the included software utility.

The software is refreshingly simple and feels pretty easy to navigate. On the left, there is a list of all of the buttons on the mouse. On the other side, we have a few different menus, starting with DPI adjustment with 6 separate programmable levels. The Pictek RGB Mouse set has a well-rounded, familiar design, easy-to-use software, subtle look and RGB lighting effects. An excellent 10,000 DPI sensor is worth its price range.


✔️ It has 16.8 million colour RGB lighting effects.

✔️ The software is easy to use.

✔️ It has a 10,000 DPI sensor.

✔️ It has a nice gripping feature.



❌ No cons found till now.


Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse

redragon m801

The Redragon M801 Gaming Mouse has profiles for up to 16,400 DPI, as well as up to 1000 hertz pulling rate. It has 9 programmable buttons utilising Omron switches. It has Teflon feet at the bottom that help with its gliding across surfaces. And also a 6-foot braided cable that ends in a gold plated USB cable. 

 It comes with a lot of handy options to modify each of the profiles to however you want them. It has a 16 million colour LCD, and you can alter both the colour itself as well as the brightness and the breathing rates.

It's made of a very sturdy plastic. When grasped as hard as possible, the plastic bending can never be easily felt. So it feels like it's very well constructed, and it also has a lovely textured coating on top. Sweat doesn't seem to be an issue with long periods of use.

I typically like to use the claw grip on my mouse and for extended periods of being on the computer, it is perfectly comfortable as a mouse. The Braided cable is also a nice touch that just makes it feel a little bit more premium as far as the price point is concerned. It is one of the most recommended mouse pieces at a relatively lower cost. Just at 26$, you're getting a pleasant feeling, texture, coating, as well as a beautiful look for the braided cable.


✔️ It has 16,400 DPI profiles and 1000 Hertz pulling rate.

✔️ The Teflon feet at the bottom provide a swift glide through different surfaces.

✔️ It has a beautifully textured coating on top.

✔️ It has 9 programmable Omron switches.

✔️ It has a long 6-foot braided cable.


 It's slightly on the heavier side having a weight of 154 grams.


SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

steelseries rival 3

The SteelSeries Rival 3 is just a big win for consumers because it's not only a budget-friendly mouse but also on the lighter side with a weight of 77 grams. It is very sleek and smaller than most pieces in this list. 

The body is matte black plastic, and it consists of 6 total buttons to its ambidextrous design. Since it has 2 side buttons, it's obviously more suited for right-handed users. As for its dimensions, it comes in at 120.6 millimetres long, 58.3 millimetres wide at the front and 67 millimetres at its widest point.

It's best suited for claw and fingertip gripping users. The textured scroll wheel does have noticeable tactile steps. It is pretty silent overall and muted when it comes to the sound. It never feels mushy or anything like that, but it also provides a sharp feel while clicking. Overall, it has a very little resistance, which is good. 

The cable is not braided. It's rubber, but still offers a lot of flexibility all around. While gaming, it just feels very natural in hand and doesn't feel cheap. It doesn't feel like a 30 dollar mouse, which is the overall big takeaway.


✔️ It is a lightweight mouse with a weight of 77 grams.

✔️ It consisted of 6 customisable buttons.

✔️ The mouse has an excellent grip.

✔️ It provides a sharp feel while clicking and an overall smooth experience.



 It's not suitable for people with large hands.



We utilised enough gaming mice to have a decent vibe for manufacturing quality, button position, and shape. Our sentiments on those parts of mouse configuration are generally robust, but at the same time, they're very much well-built. The precarious piece of testing gaming mice is investigating the parts like following execution, jitter, edge snapping, quickening, and immaculate control speed and deciding how every one of those issues influence the experience of utilising a mouse.

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